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Krystelle's Top Evo Picks

I don't believe good hair has to be complicated! 

Here are my favorites to keep your hair in the best shape all the time! 

Purchase in salon or click the link to shop online!

Ritual Salvation
shampoo + conditioner
I love this line for it's repair properties without making hair feel heavy or like there's too much protein! It's so lightweight but you can feel the difference it makes on your hair that's been color processed and needs some real love!

Head Mistress
cuticle sealing leave-in conditioner
I literally use this on everyone! It helps reduce frizz, rehydrates parched ends, makes blowdrying easier, and so much more. My tip is to use this on dry hair through the ends! It's like lotion on your ashy elbows! Same concept!

intense smoothing treatment
It does exactly what it says it'll do. I don't need to use a whole lot of arm strength to get my hair or my clients' hair straight using this. Hair stays smoother longer, even in humid conditions!

Icon Welder
heat protectant spray
Just like everyone needs to use SPF, everyone also needs to use UV and thermal protection on their hair! What I like most about this is that it doesn't make my hair feel crunchy or built up like other heat protectants I've tried. It dries right into the hair and helps hold my curl for days.

Water Killer (Brunette)
dry shampoo
The goat of dry shampoos! I never liked dry shampoo until I tried this one! It doesn't make my hair feel yucky and doesn't leave a white residue, which makes hair look so dusty on naturally dark hair! I can push my wash days out further. When I know that I should wash my hair, another day of this lets me go... another day!

Fab Pro Conditioner
custom color maintenance conditioner
Purple shampoo is not for everyone with highlighted hair. Read that again! Instead I have customized color conditioners that matches the exact shade of my hair! Not only does it prevent my color from fading but it makes it feel smooth like buttuh!

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