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Krystelle Meneses-Rain

Welcome to my hair space! I’m Krystelle Meneses-Rain, born and raised in the Bay Area and proudly serving the East Bay Area and beyond.


As a busy mom of 2, I know exactly what it’s like to have a full schedule. Getting time for yourself is special. I’ve designed my studio salon experience in a way for you to relax, unwind, and leave my salon feeling more confident than ever and a battery recharged for the world outside of solid-hair-ity. I’m here for you, girl!


Being an Asian American woman, I understand that finding the right hairstylist is vital! Our hair is thick, super dark, and we just hate all the orange undertones! With 10+ years of hair color experience, it’s my mission to be knowledgeable about everyone’s hair type and how to address it. I commit to yearly advanced education with some of the top educators and aside from my own education, I train with Evo Hair to educate other stylists about proper hair care and knowledge. 


As a hairstylist, the job is to provide you with solid hair experiences in the salon. My goal is to continue working with you even after your first visit to ensure we achieve long term hair goals! Together we’ll create a plan that works for your hair needs and personal schedule. Whether you’re a low maintenance type of gal or a hair product junkie, I’ll be here to guide you towards making your hair dreams a reality.


When I’m not in the salon, I pack my family into the car to drive to the next foodie adventure I discover. I’m a true California girl. I love bumming out on the beach or hanging out in SoCal at the trendy coffee shops or Disneyland with the kiddos. I can never stay still. I’m always on the go! I can be impulsive and spontaneous like the Sag that I am. My life motto is to never care too much about what’s not important. If it’s out of my hands, stress aint there either!


I love life! I hope that I can add some joy to yours! 

If you're vibing with me and are ready to get pampered, click the button below to get started!

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